THE PROBLEM: Equine Distress



Nearly 40% of the estimated 9.2 million horses in the United States are used for performance (ie, racing and showing), which means more than 3.5 million horses are at increased risk for developing colic, getting cast, or experiencing other forms of distress. Unfortunately, signs of distress can be elusive and often occur overnight while horse are unsupervised, which results in delayed intervention. Delayed intervention is a negative prognostic factor that has dire impact on survival and quality-of-life outcomes. 

To address this problem, Protequus® has developed NIGHTWATCH®, a revolutionary IoT-enabled device that acts as an early warning system for horses whereby caretakers are alerted via text, phone call, and email at the first signs of colic and other forms of equine distress, such as being cast and foaling. 

NIGHTWATCH® offers peace-of-mind protection so you can sleep easier and intervene sooner.