Protequus® is driven by inspiration, integrity, innovation, and ingenuity.



We are in business
for one reason,
the horse.

Before we embark
on any new development program we ask,
“How will this benefit
the horse?”


From our R&D decisions
to interactions
with our customers,
we stand behind all
we say and do.

Innovation at the Core

We don’t just solve problems,
we pioneer the best solutions.

Ingenuity at Each Step

We understand it’s not just
about the destination,
it’s also about the journey.

We are responsible
for doing the right
things right,
in new and novel ways.

Protequus®, founded by Jeffrey R. Schab in 2013 after the sudden loss of one of his horses from colic, is devoted to optimizing health-related outcomes and enhancing the well-being of horses. Our passion for horses and commitment to the people who care for them inspire us to make responsible choices each day on behalf for these animals who cannot speak for themselves. 

Jeffrey R. Schab is an accomplished equestrian and biomedical engineer who has a passion for horses and eye on innovation. Having spent more than 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry and founding/operating one of the largest medical marketing firms in the United States, Jeffrey intimately understands the critical success factors to bring value-add solutions to market. 

Jeffrey holds a dual degree from Tufts University, and his peers call him a visionary who looks at what can be versus what is not. His relentless commitment to excellence and compassion for animals has put Protequus® on the fast-track for success.